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products imageIs Information Technology meeting your expectations? Or is it stopping your company from meeting its growth potential?  Do you know how to find the best solution for your company’s application software and networking needs?  And what about digital marketing and the impact of the Internet on your business?

Since 1989 Stateside has been supporting a variety of technologies that enhance the way our clients conduct business. We take pride in our ability to listen to our clients, review their objectives and offer an effective plan of action.

At Stateside Data, we provide comprehensive, customized, reliable IT services at almost any budget level. We believe trust and loyalty can only be built over time by consistently exceeding one's goals and expectations. The companies outlined within our website offer examples of how we have implemented our core principle  --- to become a strategic IT partner and valued information resource.

You can rely on Stateside Data to supply or recommend your computer hardware needs - whether current or legacy technology - from PC's to servers, midrange, mainframe and networking products. Our expert staff keeps abreast of the changing face of technology while never losing touch with older products you may have depended on for years.

In order to ensure the highest uptime possible, Stateside Data offers customizable maintenance plans designed to fit your company's special needs: on-site, depot, time and expenses and disaster recovery. Whether we are providing timely repairs to a mission critical printer, emergency network services or scheduled preventive maintenance, our goal is always the same: to keep the equipment your company depends on up and running.

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application software imageAt Stateside Data, we understand the importance of having the right application software. It is the foundation on which your business operates. With this mind, we recommend the OPEN Systems family of application software ---OSAS or TRAVERSE--- for Enterprise-wide application requirements. OPEN Systems offers a comprehensive family of accounting software with solutions that fit your company's specific information needs. Whether your business is manufacturing, distribution, construction, service, non-profit or a combination of these, Open Systems has the right software for you.

In today's environment, applications must also interconnect seamlessly and share data with other, entirely independent platforms.  Knowing this, OPEN Systems offers full implementations of Microsoft .net, ODBC, MS-SQL, MS Access, MS Visual BASIC, BBx and BBj BASIC throughout its product line.

In those cases where smaller, departmental applications are required, we suggest budget conscious but powerful and flexible custom application development with Alpha 5 Database.

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system software imageStateside offers full support for many operating systems and system software versions. Whether the platform is Microsoft Windows, Windows Small Business Server or Windows Standard Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server or IBM iSeries OS400, we deliver the expertise required to achieve and surpass your expectations.

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network switch imageWith all the products, platforms, software and technologies available today, it is often difficult to control your information potential. Stateside Data has the experience and resources necessary to furnish and regulate a fully integrated and comprehensive local or wide-area networking solution for your company.

After installation, Stateside Data can work with your company as a complement to your existing staff, or as a complete outsourced strategic partner providing the service and support necessary to make your network the powerful tool it was meant to be.

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managed IT services imageIn many obvious ways, Information Technology has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Computer functionality and performance  have increased substantially, while pricing has fallen to disposable levels. Microsoft has become the de facto standard within the small to mid-market area for networking and office productivity. And the Internet has become a pervasive and mainstream part of doing business anywhere on the globe.

Yet none of these examples address one of the more subtle changes that will affect almost all organizations in the coming years. That is, as technologies become more intertwined and refined, they also become more complex and difficult to manage.

Managed IT Services offers real benefits to businesses, allowing firms to take advantage of services that were previously only found within very large IT environments with massively large IT budgets. Managed Services can actually reverse the upward cost curve and help put your IT budget on a more predictable plateau, without sacrificing IT stability, security, access to information or uptime.

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web services imageDo you ever have the feeling that the world is changing at hyper-speed and concepts like e-marketing, viral marketing, search engine optimization, blogs, forums and social media leave you gasping for answers? Stateside developed our first web page and hosted our first email account in 1995. Since then, the Internet has literally changed the way businesses do business. Before 1996, it was rare to find a company that had email accounts. Now it is just the opposite. Beyond email though, the Internet has broadened just about every aspect of our daily lives, from searching for information to searching for products to purchase to applying for a mortgage. We are truly an on-line society.

Stateside Data is well positioned to assist you with almost any aspect of Internet Services. We design and develop comprehensive web sites for our clients and provide hosting and email for them through Network Solutions.  When your needs involve greater penetration of your markets by way of Internet, Digital or Social marketing, we will recommend the appropriate strategic partner to fill your needs.

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